Created in 2009, the Coalition Cabo Pulmo Vivo is a group of non-governmental organizations, citizens, scholars, researchers and members of the community of Cabo Pulmo and nearby areas. We work to promote the protection of the natural and cultural heritage of Cabo Pulmo and East Cape zone, located in the region of Baja California Sur, Mexico, particularly the Cabo Pulmo National Park marine reserve.
The Coalition is in favor of sustainable development, involving local communities and valuing the environmental services that the reef and the ecosystems of the region provide to all and each one of us.


2019-2023 Vision
The Coalition Cabo Pulmo is a communication and collaboration platform among its members, in dialogue with different hearings for the orderly development of East Cape.


2019-2023 Objectives
1. Facilitate the coordination, communication and collaboration of its members.
2. Generate collective intelligence.
3. Execute and promote actions for the advocacy towards the orderly development of East Cape zone.